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Indian immigrant entrepreneur still making an impact in the business world

A new study gives evidence of stagnating immigrant entrepreneurship except those from India and China. We take a closer look at the continuing success of the Indian immigrant entrepreneur.

By SADC.COM | Business - October 8, 2012

Rashmi Sinha, Founder of Slideshare (screengrab from YouTube)

The immigrant entrepreneur is a common sight in the US. However, the US has seen a significant dip in the number of immigrant founded startups.


This downward trend does not include the Indian immigrants though, who are still contributing significantly to the technological startup scene in the US. According to the study conducted by Kaufmann Foundation, which had immigrant entrepreneurs hailing from more than 60 countries, a staggering 33.2 percent (a third of those surveyed) were Indian. This was an increase of almost 7 percent from a similar study done in 2005.


The study also showed that the Indian immigrant entrepreneur founded more of the engineering and technology startup firms within the US than immigrants born in the next nine immigrant-founder countries combined.


The findings of this study should not come as a surprise as some of the most successful tech startups to come out of the US have been founded by NRI (non-resident Indians). Some of these are Rashmi Sinha of Slideshare, Vinod Khosla of Sun Microsystems and Sabeer Bhatia of Hotmail.


The almost runaway success of Indian immigrant entrepreneurs in the US as well as all over the world points to the phenomenal amount of talent and courage that is coming out of India.


This upward trend can also be seen in Singapore as more native Indians are making headways in the technological startup scene. The success of entrepreneurs such as Amit Anand of Jungle Ventures and Sourabh Sharma of points to the oft-held belief that Indians have a head for business and IT.


What can be concluded from the findings and observations is the fact that the Indian born entrepreneur is going nowhere and will continue to make headway in the business of building companies.

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