Ms Pranoti Nagarkar

Founder, Inventor, CEO, Rotimatic

A fourth generation Mechanical Engineer in her family and born with a rebellious streak, Ms Pranoti Nagarkar always wanted to be an inventor. In her junior year at college, she built a prototype for an ironing machine, a warm-up to the 11-year long Rotimatic journey she would embark on soon after graduation. In her current role at Zimplistic, having designed and engineered Rotimatic 1.0 from idea to scale, she now oversees the scaling efforts in the 20 markets Zimplistic operates in. Also, she takes on whatever is difficult and must be done. Rotimatic has now impacted 60,000+ homes across 20 countries in less than two years.

With 37 patents under her belt, Ms Nagarkar is a frequent panellist at technology entrepreneurship events. A champion for female entrepreneurs everywhere, she believes in setting big bold goals and then going after them one tiny step at a time.

When she is not busy thinking about the future of kitchens and Rotimatic, Ms Nagarkar is busy being a mom to her sons, a six year old and a six month old. A person with a spiritual core and always a learner, Ms Nagarkar is constantly striving for excellence to understand the body mind complex; and to go beyond.

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